Long Term Care (LTC) in Canada

In this position paper, we review the known root causes of this disaster, including: governance, structural relationships within the broad health care system, funding (public and private), and human resources, all necessary but not sufficient to repair the deficiencies. We will emphasize what we believe are the most challenging but fundamental requirements for change: leadership and culture.

CUTV News Radio spotlights Luzita Kennedy of PKA | Part 1 of 2: Organizational Change
Aug 3, 2018

What makes today’s top thinkers tick? CUTV host Jim Masters talks with Luzita Kennedy to learn more about her role in the Management Consulting space. This interview was broadcast worldwide.

Brand new to the broadcast series, this is the 1st interview summary of a 2-part series. Jim starts off to say “Culture is set from the top town.” Meaning, Leaders set the tone. When leadership is not done properly, the organization as a whole typically suffers. A great segway to showcase the PKA philosophy – “Success begins with leaders or it never begins at all.”

Whether working with family business, large corporations or organizations, it’s important to pay attention their most valuable resource, that is human capital, a.k.a. people. This becomes increasingly important particularly when an organization is experiencing change in their environment.

When change takes place in an organization, inevitably, it causes stress in the system. PKA specializes in helping companies positively react to change, and to adapt and align to those changes. While change is happening, leadership is so focused on the numbers, they forget about people. Luzita says “Often, in the western world, it’s all about black or white.” In the eastern world, you will find that it’s more about the ‘and’ – the ying AND the yang, the black AND the white. A major challenge for management consultants is the need incorporate the ‘and’ – finding ways to focus on the numbers AND the people.

When working with an organization, or when a new C-level executive is promoted into their role either through succession or otherwise, it’s necessary to work with the executive in onboarding them for success, known as “onboard coaching”. Helping an executive successfully transition into their role helps reduce the stress of the leadership change. Leadership roles have a whole new set of dynamics and a require different way of thinking, and this is when executive coaching comes into play.

A coach provides a C-level executive an avenue to speak openly and honestly about what’s going on within the organization, and what might need to change or be improved in order to maintain success long-term.

Based on the discussion with Jim Masters, PKA has 5 tips to managing change as a managing consultant:

  • Deep Listening (it’s different than hearing)
  • Help organizations focus on the numbers AND the people
  • Have a custom approach – every challenge is unique and so should the solutions be
  • Understand the environment of the organization and people, whether in the workplace or at home
  • Leadership coaching – support the team in being a successful asset to the business

How did Luzita go from a charted accountant to a managing partner of a 45-year strong management consultant firm? Listen in to find out the reasons behind why Luzita does what she does. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cutvnewsradio/2018/07/17/cutv-news-radio-spotlights-luzita-kennedy-of-pka

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