Long Term Care (LTC) in Canada

In this position paper, we review the known root causes of this disaster, including: governance, structural relationships within the broad health care system, funding (public and private), and human resources, all necessary but not sufficient to repair the deficiencies. We will emphasize what we believe are the most challenging but fundamental requirements for change: leadership and culture.

Succession Planning – Exercising Fairness and Prioritising Competency to Maintain Business Momentum

Succession planning is akin to changing the car’s wheels while it’s hurtling down a highway at 100 miles an hour. The next generation needs to be brought up to speed, but business doesn’t stop because there’s a transition. Patriarchs need to be confident that if they’re going to hand over the keys to the kingdom, new leaders need to have what it takes to maintain momentum.

Heightened Awareness of the Obvious
Mar 20, 2020

Heightened Awareness Of The Obvious: Planning Ahead

We are seeing and experiencing, in real-time, the impact that COVID-19 is having on us both personally and our business.

This situation is a reminder, a wake-up call if you will, of the importance of planning ahead…having your house in order in the event of unexpected events. COVID-19 is a sobering reminder that when we don’t have proper plans in place to ensure the continuity and success of our business, we leave it to fate to take charge. Examples of patriarchs succumbing to illness or worse without having created an effective business transition plan are far too frequent.

Are you taking decisive action in planning the transition of your business to the next generation or group of leaders? Are you identifying the right candidates, developing them for future roles? The simple rule of thumb is that you need 3-5 years, depending on the size and complexity of your business to plan and implement a highly effective business transition plan. PKA has 45 years of experience helping companies in this arena.

Here are some immediate considerations:

  • Give yourself 3-5 years to be well prepared for the handover.
  • Decide whether you want to remain family-run and family-owned, or simply family-owned with or without a hybrid version of being family-run.
  • Identify your future leader candidates, family and/or non-family, depending on the decision taken at #2.
  • If you have multiple generations in the business, decide how the family will work together. Rules in the form of a Family Charter are important for creating a respectful workspace for all concerned.
  • Use experts who have done this before, and many times over, and who have successfully helped families make the transition.

The steps you take now will determine the road your followers will walk tomorrow. Farmer’s Insurance has a tag line, “we know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”. PKA believes that this tag line applies equally to us.

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