Our Values

What makes us PKA.

We are


We are passionate about client satisfaction and the work we do. This drives our efforts and inspires us to produce results.

We are


We are driven to achieve results. We work with our clients to assess, develop and achieve their transition and strategic goals, both organizationally and personally.

We are


We pride ourselves on delivering sustainable change, at the individual, team and organization levels, and this is paramount for us.

We are


We keep our commitments. While PKA employs proven methodologies and tools, we always tailor our approaches to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our philosophy and reputation is to work intensely, responsively and collaboratively to meet our commitments.

We are


Quality is fundamental in all aspects of our work. We are dedicated to what we do and our passion drives us to deliver excellence. We have a strong track record advising and coaching our clients through crucial transformations.

We are


Our relationship with clients and other firm stakeholders are characterized by honesty and integrity. These values are of utmost importance to us.

We are


Collaboration characterizes our consulting approach. Our flexible framework allows for successful problem-solving and the achievement of significant organizational goals.

We are


We commit to those engagements which we are experienced to deliver. Our long-lasting relationships with our clients have been built on a culture of trust, professionalism and dedication.

We are


We speak our minds and our clients can count on us to share our points of view. This transparency allows us to present our clients with the most effective options and tools for creating change within organizations.

We are


We want our clients to learn and benefit from our contribution, as we do from theirs. We have extensive and deep experience in transitioning businesses to the next generation, strategic enterprise transformation, and leadership development.

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