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Executive Coaching

The skills employed in Executive Coaching are essentially the same as those required to coach anyone, save and except a few other critical competencies and experiences. These competencies and experiences include, but are not limited:

  • Having been in the leadership chair and experienced the challenging dichotomies and complexities faced by executives daily; our coaches have that business expertise and deep coaching skills;
  • Understanding and relating to the challenges associated with:
    • Making complex decisions in the absence of definitive data and an ambiguous future;

    • Recognizing that just about every one of your behaviours is scrutinized by others;
    • Recognizing that many decisions result in someone’s disappointment;
    • Having been personally responsible for consistently growing results while being challenged by able competitors;
    • Listening to advice from numerous sources, often reflecting different perspectives, yet being confident in making choices;
    • Standing in front of an audience, be it Board Members, employees and the community and communicating with passion and integrity without appearing distant or egotistical….including answering challenging questions on the fly
  • Coaching a leader yet being directive and advisory when the situation calls for it;
  • A wide range of skills and experiences which allows the coach to be flexible regarding the issues covered;
  • A desire and willingness by the coach to learn about the leader’s company and industry; and
  • An ability to formulate insights not readily within the leader’s consciousness and the ability to articulate these in an impactful yet sensitive manner.

At PulvermacherKennedy & Associates, we recognize that leaders have their own intrapersonal dynamics which motivate their behaviors and choices. Focusing only on the observable will in many cases not lead to the achievement of development goals which current and high potential leaders are seeking coaching for. Understanding and dealing with the leader’s dynamics, whether personal or interpersonal, is essential in helping leaders them learn and progress.

Our coaching approach, therefore, is different… and we are known for helping to achieve sustainable results.

Clients include: Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Baycrest, Deloitte, Canada, Deloitte, USA, Ernst & Young, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Macquarie, Mastercard Foundation, Morgan Stanley, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Prudential Insurance, Shell, The Minto Group, The Regional Group, and The Trinity Group.

Peer Coaching Networks ©

Peer Coaching is an approach to leadership development that places a heavy emphasis on engagement – a key factor in improving retention. Networks are guided by an external coach and an internal mentor, with peer coaching as the cornerstone.

Peer Coaching Networks ©, developed and trademarked by PulvermacherKennedy & Associates, are a unique and effective means of accelerating the acquisition of leadership skills among a group of peers. Rapidly deployed and highly cost-effective, Peer Coaching Networks © offers multiple benefits:

  • Accelerates the growth of leaders
  • Commits leaders to personal development plans, for which they are mutually accountable
  • Engages leaders, and fosters a coaching culture among them
  • Increases cohesion of leadership teams

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