Transitioning Your Business to the
Next Generation

Our Expertise

We do not do estate planning, tax consulting, accounting, create trusts, sell insurance, or help you sell your business. We do not arrive with teams of young people to address the challenge of business transition.

We focus on the following:

  • Using data-based methods grounded in leadership and interpersonal effectiveness approaches, determining which roles family and non-family members should play when they assume responsibility for shepherding the family business;
  • Creating a Family Charter which addresses:
    • The vision and values which define the family and the business;
    • The criteria required to join and develop careers in the family business;
    • Governance structures designed to protect the family business;
    • Promotion criteria and compensation plans;
    • How to fairly treat family members who chose not to join the business;
    • Retirement criteria and exit strategies.
  • Work with the current and future owners to refresh the corporate strategy and structure prior to handing over the reins;
  • Coaching current and future leads so as to optimize their individual and team performance;
  • Facilitate challenging conversations when there are challenges from within to the transition plans.

Your move.

Contact us for innovative and proven approaches for transitioning your business to the next generation, for refreshing strategy and organization structure, and optimizing leadership & organization performance.