Long Term Care (LTC) in Canada

In this position paper, we review the known root causes of this disaster, including: governance, structural relationships within the broad health care system, funding (public and private), and human resources, all necessary but not sufficient to repair the deficiencies. We will emphasize what we believe are the most challenging but fundamental requirements for change: leadership and culture.

Specialists in Transitioning Your Family Owned Business to the Next Generation: That’s all we do!
Aug 13, 2019

What we do not do:

We do not do estate planning, tax consulting, accounting, create trusts, sell insurance, or help you sell your business. There are other experts in these areas who we can refer you to.

We do not arrive with teams of young people to address the significant challenge of a business transition. Our team consists of highly seasoned professionals.

We have been specifically in this business, and related services, for 45 years and worked with long-established companies often spanning 2 to 5 generations in such industries as real estate, automotive dealerships, financial services, high-tech, oil & gas, security, professional services and healthcare.

We focus on the following:

1. Determining, in a non-partial and objective fashion, using data-based methods grounded in leadership and interpersonal effectiveness approaches, which roles family and non-family members should play when they assume responsibility for shepherding the family business;

2. Creating a Family Charter or Constitution which addresses such elements as:

a. The vision and values which defines the family and the business;

b. Determining the criteria required to join and develop careers in the family business;

c. Governance structures designed to protect the family business;

d. Promotion criteria and compensation plans;

e. How to fairly treat family members who chose not to join the business;

f. Retirement criteria and exit strategies;

g. Conduct operational reviews and implement change management strategies to ensure that strategies and business plans are optimized

3. Work with the current and future owners to refresh the corporate strategy and structure prior to handing over the reins;

4. Coaching current and future leaders so as to optimize their individual and team performance;

5. Facilitate challenging conversations when there are challenges from within to the transition plans, company strategy and organization structure

Our style is collaborative, responsive and highly professional.

Our new business comes primarily from referrals from current and former clients, as well as such professional services firms as accountants, lawyers, wealth managers and private equity firms.

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