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PulvermacherKennedy & Associates works with you to develop both short and long-term succession plans and ensures its implementation for long-term success.

Succession planning, the process by which an organization makes sure that it will have the right leaders in the right place at the right time, has always been one of the most important accountabilities of the chief executive and top leaders of organizations. However, the importance of succession planning to business success has never been greater or more widely recognized than it is now—a result of the globalization and digitization of business practices, demographic and generational shifts, and the ever-changing challenges of leadership in today’s organizations.

Our approach includes, but is not limited to:

Business Review

An update of the current state of business strategies and priorities; clarifying the implications of the business strategy and vision for leadership roles and pivotal talent pools.

Executive Talent Needs Forecast

An estimate of the kinds of leadership talent needed to fill roles in a defined future time frame, including outlines of the performance challenges, competencies, and selection criteria for key positions and pivotal roles.

Talent Inventory

Identification and appraisal of key position candidates and high-potential pools in terms of their performance, potential, and readiness for advancement; sometimes summarized in an overall estimate of bench strength at key leadership levels.

Talent Review

A review, discussion, and documentation of key position plans and development plans for key individuals and talent pools by a representative group of organization leaders (usually the top management team for the business unit or a special committee or board established for this purpose).

Onboarding Coaching

During onboarding coaching of the new executives and executive team, the goal is to enhance speed to productivity and effectiveness as well as implementation of the refreshed company strategy.

Retirement Planning

Assisting retiring executives to plan for the next phase of their careers.

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